I bought this after looking at every Flash Light Beam on the market. I and my partner came to a decision on this and I do not regret one bit. I bought half a dozen of them. After all, it’s durable, quick, waterproof, ultra-compact and much more. It’s really very reliable as we have had no problem at all. So, I would highly recommend this product.

Portable for travelling convenience

I am a traveler and most of the time I go out into places where I definitely need the assistance of a light. It was really hard for me to find such a handy product. I searched out the entire internet, found some, ordered and tried. But none of them survived with me for longer. After a great search, I found and ordered Hybeam Micro Flashlight. I must say this made me a pro traveler with providing aid during night traveling. It is so simple yet handy and fit to carry along. It’s finishing itself is so highly crafted that it feels very comfortable to use it while holding it in hand. The cap button at back makes it much easier for one handed use.

Being waterproof makes it much more reliable for me since it rained most of the nights I traveled. There was one time I was traveling over a small water canal, I could not manage to handle myself and it fell in the canal but it did not stop working. Even when it fell from my hands a couple of times it still worked like nothing had happened to it due to its shock resistant technique.

When it comes to battery backup, there are no other flashlights that have proved better so far. In the worst case I have used it for surveillance in the nights and throughout the whole night it lightened up the entire place and worked perfectly.

Super bright light with lots of lumen

In terms of visibility, it works great. I have used it up to a range of 50 meters and it shone amazingly bright. This has already made it an emergency light too in a way that it can be used for signaling from afar.

It is important to know about standards for a flashlight as well because it helps us to narrow down the choices and find the best. In fact, a flashlight is something that you should always have with you and there are several instances which highly demand it’s needed.

As poor lighting situation is the basic reason behind the purchase of this kind of product. Because with the help of flash light you can easily be able to pass any poorly lighted area like an alley or a dark parking lot. It’s also useful in case of having problems with the electricity circuits in your home or office.

No doubt, while finding lost things at home or other places one requires a flashlight’s help. Sometimes when dropped, a key, phone, pen or any other object lies under a bed or couch, drawer or behind a dresser, and will be being found only with the help of the trusty flashlight. Not only that, but it also provides you self-protection and also saves you in different kind of emergencies too. Overall as this product’s user and being familiar with the uses and standards of verification, I can say that I have checked the HyBeam Micro’s features thoroughly and am surely recommending this great product to all of you! 5 stars!


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