The rechargeable led light is basically a flashlight that has rechargeable batteries. These rechargeable led lights can be charged with electricity directly or indirectly with solar power.

The history of LED’s

A LED is a powerful white light emitting diodes; it is gradually replacing incandescent bulbs in flashlights. LED’s have been existing for a long time as low-power indicator lights. In 1999 a high-powered white-light emitter was introduced this led to more powerful LED flashlights than the incandescent lights. White LED’s in 5 mm diameter produce a little lumen each to get the additional light you need to put the 5 mm diameter together in a group.

Watt about lumen?

While white LED’s produce on the order of 100 lumen for each watt, the old-school incandescent bulbs are producing 8 -10 lumen per watt. The LED rechargeable light have a longer battery life compared to the incandescent lights, and the output cannot be compared. LED’s light are less delicate than that of glass lights. The rechargeable LED light has a different range of lights compared to the incandescent lights. A led lamp maintains a constant color temperature no matter the input voltage.

Battery types – important differences

Rechargeable batteries could be lead acid batteries, Ni-Cd batteries, NiMH and lithium batteries, the size, weight, run time and shape of the flashlight determines the choice of battery. A rechargeable LED light is the best option for long periods of everyday use because it is far more economical to operate then the usual suspects.

The rechargeable LED lights can be charged without removing the batteries; some have light indicators for the battery state when charging when the electricity power goes off the power-failure light indicator automatically turns on. Solar energy is also used to power these flashlights with an on-board battery for future use. This makes it an environmentally friendly option to consider for home use.

Capacitors instead of batteries

Some rechargeable LED lights use super-capacitors to store energy; the capacitors are charged more voltage potential than a regular battery and can also be recharged many times without losing its efficiency.

Below are two rechargeable LED lights that are great for outdoor camping

  1. The ultra-bright camping lantern with rechargeable batteries is a water resistant portable LED solar type, collapsible camping lantern or flashlight touch for outdoor. It has ultra bright LED with high quality and low consumption. It can light up to 12 hours of continuous use when fully charged. It does not over charge or over discharge; it is charged either by solar or by electricity through a home wall plug.
  1. Solar LED camping lanterns, be it collapsible and rainproof, or with USB-charging port, maybe a flashlight touch with 2 lighting levels and an emergency cell phone charger. The powerful flashlights can be used as a lantern; they have 2 lighting modes as a LED lantern. Combine this with a a built-in rechargeable Lithium battery which is charged with solar or with electricity through the USB cable, and you have a perfect tool for everyday use.

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