Rechargeable lights are of utmost importance, to be used when there is a power outage or power failure in the home. Rechargeable lamps can also be used in the great outdoors for camping and picnics.

During Camping Trips

As the weather gets hotter by the year, a lot of people consider going out camping. Do you have any camping plans this season? Have you considered packing your bag and just leave? Camping is only secure, fun and complete if you ensure the availability of rechargeable camping lanterns. Camping nights can be dark and sometimes scary, and as such you need a rechargeable (maybe even solar) independent lighting to light your way through the night.

Rechargeable lights come in different sizes and shapes with different light intensity (lumen) capacity. Some are big, while some are small, there’s like very portable ones and even those that fit in your pocket. None of these types are a waste of space in your camping bag though! They are best kept in your emergency camping kit. Imagine a camping trip without an active power supply? Totally dark?

There are certain things that you need to look out for when checking out the rechargeable lamps that will guide you through the darker parts of your camping adventure.

Charging the battery: electric outlet or solar?

First consider the number of days you want to spend out door. Do you want to spend a whole month, a week or a few days? If you are camping for three days then you really need to consider the lantern you are buying as most of them will not last more than three nights when fully charged; only in the case that there is an alternative power supply to recharge the lanterns. That’s why you should consider lamps with a solar charger!

What’s a lumen anyway?

Check the light’s lumen capacity: lumen is measured comparing with a candle light. One lumen equals one candle’s worth of light. Can the light from twenty candles be enough to lighten the whole of your camp? Why not consider a rechargeable light that has up to 500 lumen? They can light up to several feet away from your tent and even give enough light for that nightly barbecue you were planning.

Lumen explained: LED vs bulb

Another thing to consider is the source of power. Does the rechargeable lantern require only electricity or can it use both electricity and solar?

To get a complete “wow”-experience with your rechargeable camping lantern; go for that latest model which uses USB and can be charged with a USB-enabled power bank. The choice is yours!


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